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Vismets - Second album

Vismets has always been an ambitious project.

Right from their first album the group has focused its efforts on producing the highest quality sound and image which has resulted in the resounding success recognized today.

Vismets has become a force to be reckoned with on the Belgian rock scene!

A second album is an important step in an artist’s career.

Vismets aim to raise the bar even higher. For that we must acquire the necessary resources in order to gain recognition both in terms of sound and image.

How will the funds be invested?

As a first step these 50.000 euros will provide us with a top international music producer and the time required for recording:
- one month’s lockout for preproduction
- one month’s recording
- three weeks’ mixing
- creating a video clip in the most favorable conditions


In addition to the amounts which figure in the right hand column, you could recoup your outlay or even double it.
- in the case of 50.000 physical and digital albums sold, Vismets will reimburse you 50% of your investment
- in the case of 100.000 albums sold, your total investment will be recouped.
- in the case of 150.000 albums sold, Vismets will double your investment

This is why we invite you to be part of the adventure.

Promotion and Marketing

Once the album is recorded, it will be distributed in France by the Roy Music/ Universal label, in Belgium by Dozer/Play It Again Sam, in Germany by Rough Trade, in Switzerland by Discoffice and in Spain by Karonte.

Other horizons are being explored.

Be part of the adventure!

Interested in finding out more about Vismets? Click onto this link


€ 51.906
sold on € 50.000

Successful project

This project will end on July 31, 2012 at 11:00

Participate by selecting your reward
for € 10
Digital version of the album preview + personal thank you note indicating your name in the booklet + privileged access to regular updates on project’s progress
30 backers - unlimited
for € 20
Autographed CD delivered to you + previous rewards
209 backers - unlimited
for € 50
T-shirt – limited edition + previous rewards
60 backers - unlimited
for € 75
Invitation to new album’s showcase + previous rewards
85 backers - unlimited
for € 150
Premium Pack: limited edition of boxed CD set, vinyl and photos of our recording session + previous rewards
47 backers - unlimited
for € 250
Backstage day: spend 24h with the Vismets during their tour + rewards of the 20€ pack
20 backers - 4 available
for € 650
Unique and exclusive framed photograph large format (80 x 120) , signed and numbered + Premium Pack
3 backers - 7 available
for € 4.000
Bass guitar used to record signed album + Premium Pack
1 backer - 0 available
for € 4.000
Synthesizer used to record album with programmed sounds of the Vismets + Premium Pack
1 backer - 0 available
for € 4.000
Signed guitar used to record album + Premium Pack
1 backer - 0 available
for € 7.500
Private concert : the Vismets will perform a full concert exclusively for you in the location of your choice (France/Belgium) + Premium Pack
0 backers - 3 available
You can not resell the rewards in this project.
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